Duration of studies5 years / 10 semester

Form of studiesfull-time / part-time


Course description

The aim of training in the field of uniform master’s studies SPECIAL PEDAGOGY with a practical profile is to prepare graduates to support the development potential of individuals, designing activities enabling them to meet their individual needs ensuring a satisfactory quality of life in an individual and social dimension; as well as acquiring qualifications and key competences for the implementation of professional professional tasks in the field of care, upbringing, education, therapy, rehabilitation or resocialization, depending on the chosen specialty.

Education in the field of SPECIAL PEDAGOGY guarantees the acquisition of knowledge in the field of pedagogy of people with special educational needs, as well as key skills and competences conditioning the effective use of interdisciplinary knowledge in professional activities – understanding, diagnosing opportunities, needs, development difficulties and special abilities, people with development atypical or socially maladjusted, and selecting appropriate strategies for assistance and creating support systems. The essence of education is to equip graduates with key skills enabling the support of the individual path of a person in meeting their developmental, educational and life needs, as well as personalizing the processes of care, upbringing, education, therapy, rehabilitation and resocialization – in accordance with contemporary trends in European educational thought and contemporary paradigms of special education.

Młodzi ludzie spoglądający na monitor.


Depending on the chosen specialization, the graduate is qualified to work:

  • general and special educational institutions,
  • special educational and care and education centers,
  • foundations and associations,
  • non-governmental organizations implementing child development support programs,
  • in aid institutions and centers related to counseling in the field of education and upbringing of children and adolescents,
  • family clinics,
  • rehabilitation centers,
  • health centers,
  • intervention centers,
  • psychological and pedagogical support centers and companies providing psychoeducational and pro-development services,
  • educational centers, youth social therapy centers, correctional facilities and shelters for minors

and to run one’s own activity in the field of psychological, pedagogical and development aid.


Recruitment office

The UNS Recruitment Office supports candidates in the recruitment process. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.


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