Duration of studies2 years / 4 semester

Form of studiesfull-time / part-time


Course description

The need for the profession of a pedagogue, professional adviser and tutor in a changing world requires the creation and improvement of staff professionally prepared to support, teach and educate. Master’s studies in the field of PEDAGOGY achieve these goals.

A graduate of PEDAGOGY is prepared to work in institutions of formal education, in particular in institutions of the education system, continuing education institutions, companies and non-formal education institutions as a teacher, tutor or tutor. It is ready for comprehensive implementation of educational, caring, didactic, therapeutic or advisory tasks. Has the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the socio-cultural context of education and upbringing, as well as key competences in the field of pedagogy and a selected specialty.

Master’s studies in the field of PEDAGOGY last 3 or 4 semesters and enable the acquisition of various qualifications and qualifications depending on the chosen course of education and specialization.

As part of the internship, students can be involved in classes together with principals and teachers, thus expanding their competences and skills even before starting a career in the education system.

Młody nauczyciel z dziennikiem i długopisem w dloniach. W tle uczniowie zgłaszają się do odpowiedzi.


Depending on the chosen specialization, the graduate is qualified to work:

  • as a teacher / tutor educator in educational and educational institutions,
  • as a pedagogue / therapist in educational and rehabilitation institutions,
  • as an educator in educational institutions, full and partial care facilities, preventive and educational facilities, institutions and social welfare centers
  • as a specialist / educator in the field of health education and broadly understood prevention in educational system institutions, health care system, social organizations, foundations and associations working for health education and health promotion,
  • as an educator and trainer conducting development activities,
  • in training and training companies, social organizations and foundations with educational purposes,

and to undertake independent activity in the field of educational services.


Recruitment office

The UNS Recruitment Office supports candidates in the recruitment process. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.


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