Duration of studies5 years / 10 semester

Form of studiesfull-time / part-time


Course description

If you want to learn about human nature and discover the mechanisms governing the human psyche and behavior, choose the field of PSYCHOLOGY uniform master’s studies. The studies last 10 semesters and focus on a wide range of psychological issues, exploring the influence of emotions and motivation on human performance, analyzes of personality development and temperament, individual differences and interpersonal relationships. The study program enables the development of personal skills and psychological competences. It provides interdisciplinary and comprehensive preparation for working as a psychologist in various areas of professional activity and providing professional psychological support in relation to the selected specialization..

Młody nauczyciel trzymający w dłoniach długopis oraz dziennik.


Depending on the chosen specialization, the graduate is qualified to work:

  • educational institutions,
  • educational, care and educational centers,
  • foundations and associations,
  • non-governmental organizations implementing psychoeducational programs,
  • in aid institutions and centers related to counseling in the field of education and upbringing of children and youth.
  • family clinics,
  • psychological clinics,
  • personal development offices,
  • institutions and organizations supporting the elderly,
  • career counseling institutions
  • in addiction therapy and psychotherapy treatment centers and institutions
  • rehabilitation centers,
  • health centers,
  • intervention centers,
  • psychological assistance centers
  • companies providing psychoeducational and development-oriented services,
  • emergency and care institutions,
  • organizations and foundations focused on health and social prevention in the field of mental health,

and to run their own activity in the field of psychological assistance.


Recruitment office

The UNS Recruitment Office supports candidates in the recruitment process. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.


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