Duration of studies2 years / 4 semester

Form of studiesfull-time / part-time


Course description

Master’s studies in the field of NATIONAL SECURITY focus on developing practical skills to manage state and local authorities, state administration and the commands of the Polish Armed Forces in order to counter aggression, prepare the state and its social structures for defense activities.

The field of study is dedicated primarily to graduates who intend to directly enter the labor market in government and local government administration, business entities, as well as institutions and organizations dealing with state defense and security. NATIONAL SECURITY graduates are professionally prepared to fill the staffing gap in the field of defense and security, which occurs at all levels of public administration and as civilian employees of uniformed services.

Otwarta przestrzeń z dużą ilością biurek i ekranów. Żólnierze i inni mężczyźni siedzą na krzesłach przy biurkach.


Depending on the chosen specialization, the graduate is qualified to work in:

  • Public administration institutions and units of uniformed services that deal with the security of citizens
  • Crisis response teams both at the regional and central levels of public administration units
  • Local government units
  • Police
  • Border Guard
  • The fire brigade
  • Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland
  • Customs Service
  • Prison Service
  • Road Transport Inspection
  • Railway Protection Guard
  • Internal Security Agency
  • Intelligence Agency
  • Central Anticorruption Bureau
  • Military Counterintelligence Service
  • Military Intelligence Service
  • Municipal (city) guards
  • Institutions dealing with the analysis of threats and issues related to security
  • International security agencies


Recruitment office

The UNS Recruitment Office supports candidates in the recruitment process. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.


Kamińskiego 21, 90-229 Łódź, Polska

Godziny pracy

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