Duration of studies2 years / 4 semester

Form of studiesfull-time / part-time


Course description

Second-cycle studies in Management educate managers and leaders of task teams in enterprises as well as in public and non-profit sector organizations. They also prepare students to run their own business or use the acquired knowledge and skills to develop a family business.

A graduate of the second degree studies in the field of Management has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management sciences and related sciences regarding the functioning of organizations (enterprises and public institutions). Has the ability to critically analyze, interpret and evaluate management phenomena and processes on a different scale, assess the impact of the environment on these phenomena (processes), and prepare and make management decisions, especially of a strategic nature. He can effectively organize group work and lead teams as well as effectively communicate, negotiate and convince others to be right.

In the first semester, students gain knowledge in managerial economics, public sector economics, commercial law, contemporary concepts of marketing, strategic management and human resource management. In the following years, they have the opportunity to deepen their interests within one of two specialties: International Business Management and Digital Business Management and E-marketing.

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After completing the second-cycle studies in the field of MANAGEMENT, the graduate will find a job in:

  • in every enterprise, government organization and state administration unit
  • in strategic planning and development departments
  • in human resources and human resource management departments
  • in consulting companies dealing with the selection and training of employees and the creation of modern people management systems
  • in institutions dealing with market research and conducting marketing activities
  • in companies as a marketing specialist, responsible for developing marketing strategies, promotion, public relations and company image
  • in the e-commerce industry
  • in companies in the logistics industry
  • in his own company with an established position on the market or in a new, dynamically developing start-up
  • in non-profit organizations, cultural and recreational institutions

Specializations in the course of Management MA (PL)

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